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Who are your hosts?

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Fri, 3/5/2019 - 20:15
The organizing team have all the skills needed.

OK Pan Aarhus and Silkeborg Orienteringsklub
The clubs are the two largest clubs in Denmark, with a combined total of more than 600 members. Both clubs have many young runners, and have for many years set a high focus on training young people. Over time, both clubs have contributed many members to both junior and senior world championships teams.

Both clubs were involved in organising the senior World Championships in 2006, and have since organised various Danish championships and masses of local races.

The clubs’ members have the skills needed to arrange international championships, and also have easy access to participants’ views and attitudes. So we hope we will have put the event together in a way that will appear unique to the participants, both in sporting and social respects.

It is fantastic that many more than 200 members are prepared to use part of their summer holidays to contribute to organising JWOC 2019 and the JWOC Tour.

The Organising Committee hope that all volunteers will find that their contribution is important, that there is a good spirit and that we get to know our club colleagues in a new way.

When the organisers are having a good time together, we are convinced that this will have an impact on the participants’ experiences.

See you soon!