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Thanks to our sponsors!

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Thu, 20/6/2019 - 20:30

With only two weeks until JWOC kicks off, we would like to thank those who have made the event possible! 

Spar Nord Fonden, Racingdenmark, Landal Søhøjlandet, Grafisk Forum, Silkebus, Scandic Silkeborg, Løberen, Lynge Papir og Kontor, Trimtex Danmark and Løberministeriet are all great companies, who have supported us and is essential for the succes of the upcoming championships. 

Read more about each sponsor on the 'Sponsors' page.

Enter the JWOC Tour and get a 50% discount on the ticket for AQUA

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Thu, 13/6/2019 - 21:42

Experience the secrets of Danish nature in AQUA, the lokal aquarium and animalpark.

At AQUA, you can meet the Danish animals. All the animals you know so well but have never met! Witness the joyful play of the otters, the badger in its burrow and the stork in its nest. Look into the eyes of the ferocious pike and help the zookeeper handfeed the fish in the touch-tank. Every day you can hear the exciting stories of Danish nature, while the animals are being fed, and spend hours playing on our popular playgrounds.

See prices and opening hours on

Vejlsøvej 55
8600 Silkeborg
T. +45 89 21 21 89



Succesfully completed testraces

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Tue, 11/6/2019 - 16:13

A weekend with testraces is succesfully completed, both for the participants and the organizers.

With runners from many nations, the competiton was tough especially in the W20 and M20 classes. There were many great performances and the races were also a good opportunity for the runners to match themselves to the international junior top level, as several top 10 runners from last year's JWOC was running the races. 

Both the Danish, Finnish, Czech and British teams will be selected based on the races, and the coaches will in the coming days have a difficult job of doing this. 

We hope that everyone had a good experience racing with us and got to go home with some extra motivation for coming back in four weeks. Otherwise, the entry for the JWOC Tour is still open. Check the menu above to enter.

See some pictures from the races here.

En weekend med testløb er veloverstået, både for deltagere og arrangørers vedkommende. 

Med løbere fra mange af de store o-nationer, var konkurrencen hård. især i H/D 20 klasserne. Der blevet lavet mange gode præstationer og løbene var også en god mulighed for løberne, for at sammenligne dem selv med toppen af det internationale junior felt, da flere af JWOC 2018's top 10 løbere deltog ved løbene. 

Både for de danske, finske, tjekkiske og britiske landshold, var løbene udtagelsesløb og de respektive trænere står i de næste dage over for en hård opgave med at udvælge de 6 herrer og 6 damer, der skal løbe i terrænerne omkring Silkeborg og i Aarhus igen, om fire uger. 

Vi håber at alle havde en god oplevelse og kan tage en ekstra portion motivation med hjem frem mod mesterskabet. Og ellers er tilmeldingen for JWOC Tour stadig åben. Tilmeldingen til Tour foregår via o-service. 

Billeder fra løbene kan ses her.

Great competition at the test races

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Sun, 9/6/2019 - 19:46
Søren Thrane Ødum var hurtigste herre på dagens mellemdistance

Søren Thrane Ødum was the fastest M20 on today's long distance. 

Runners from several countries are competing around Himmelbjerget at the JWOC 2019 test races this weekend and the competition is tough. Many nations use the races for selection of the runners going to the championships but it is also a great opportunity to see where the shape is at in an international field. Check out the results at the website and make sure to register, or remind your friends and family to register for the JWOC Tour before deadline closes in a week! Check the menu above for entry. 

Med flere af de store nationer til stede, er konkurrencen til weekendens JWOC testløb hård. Mange nationer bruger løbene i Aarhus og ved Himmelbjerget som udtagelsesløb til JWOC 2019, men løbene er også en god mulighed for at teste formen i et internationalt felt. Se resultater fra løbene på hjemmesiden og husk at tilmelde dig, eller dine venner og familie til JWOC Touren, inden tilmeldingen lukker om en uge! Tilmelding sker igennem O-service.

Pre-JWOC2019 training camp

Submitted by Dorthe Hansen on Mon, 27/5/2019 - 19:12

Pre-JWOC training camp, week 27, 2019

From Wednesday 3rd of July to Friday 5th of July. 
If you haven’t already registered via Eventor please register at:
Please notify number of women and men participating in each training.
Latest registration: 10th of June.

Se more under Training possibilities.

Entry for the JWOC championships is closed, but don't forget to sign up for the Tour!

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Sat, 18/5/2019 - 09:52

ENTRY for the JWOC championships is closed and a total of 397, 152 women, 162 men and 83 team officials, have entered! They represent 38 countries and comes from 6 different continents. 

DENMARK sets a full team of 6 women and 6 men, and we will be waiting with excitmenet for the announcement of the names of these 12 runners, who will be selected after the selection races in the second weekend of June. 

The JWOC 2019 Tour is still open for entries - check the tab 'JWOC 2019 Tour' above for more information, and book your spot on the O-camp (cancelled because of too few registrations) and order one of the cool O-shirts (25th May is last chance) while you are at it!

Problems with Eventor

Submitted by Dorthe Hansen on Wed, 15/5/2019 - 08:35

We are having problems with Eventor.

It has been shown to be possible to enter without being marked for accreditation, and for some, to enter after the deadline.

All nations will therefore receive a letter within a couple of days, where we will ask that you check that the entries are correct.

Who are your hosts?

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Fri, 3/5/2019 - 20:15
The organizing team have all the skills needed.

OK Pan Aarhus and Silkeborg Orienteringsklub
The clubs are the two largest clubs in Denmark, with a combined total of more than 600 members. Both clubs have many young runners, and have for many years set a high focus on training young people. Over time, both clubs have contributed many members to both junior and senior world championships teams.

Both clubs were involved in organising the senior World Championships in 2006, and have since organised various Danish championships and masses of local races.

The clubs’ members have the skills needed to arrange international championships, and also have easy access to participants’ views and attitudes. So we hope we will have put the event together in a way that will appear unique to the participants, both in sporting and social respects.

It is fantastic that many more than 200 members are prepared to use part of their summer holidays to contribute to organising JWOC 2019 and the JWOC Tour.

The Organising Committee hope that all volunteers will find that their contribution is important, that there is a good spirit and that we get to know our club colleagues in a new way.

When the organisers are having a good time together, we are convinced that this will have an impact on the participants’ experiences.

See you soon!

Bulletin 3 correction

Submitted by Mogens Hagner on Mon, 22/4/2019 - 13:51

In Bulletin 3 the number of controls for the men's and women's sprint courses had been interchanged. A new version of Bulletin 3 with the correct numbers has been uploaded.

Bulletin 3 has now been published

Submitted by Dorthe Hansen on Wed, 3/4/2019 - 09:00

In Bulletin 3 (PDF) you will find the detailed programme for JWOC week, and you can see where all the arenas will be situated.
In addition there is information about accommodation options – and very much more to help with your planning.

We look forward to welcoming all teams and supporters in just 3 months’ time!