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  W20 A W20 B W20 C M20 A M20 B M20 C
Length 4300 m 3300 m 3300 m 4700 m 3800 m 3700 m
Climb 215 m 195 m 195 m 260 m 215 m 270 m
Controls 14 9 9 17 11 9
Win Time 25 min 25 min 25 min 25 min 25 min 25 min
Arena Gjern Bakker, N56° 13.519' E009° 41.982' (View on Google Maps)
Arriving by Car The route to parking will be signed from the roundabout Skærbækvej/Smingevej in Resenbro (N56° 10.950' E009° 38.922'), the junction Sørkelvej/Svostrupvej (N56° 13.318' E009° 40.946') and the junction Østergade/Stationsvej (N56° 13.811' E009° 44.321'). Parking is beside the arena.
First Start 9.00
Ceremony Ca 13.45