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Privacy Policy

1. Registration and handling of user data

JWOC 2019, Ørneredevej 15, 8270 Højbjerg is responsible for storing and handling personal data that is registered and employed when the user uses the JWOC 2019 website.

JWOC 2019’s activities in storing and handling users’ personal data is subject to the terms of this Personal Data Policy.

JWOC 2019 is organised by:

Vestervang 24, 6 mf.
8000 Aarhus C

CVR-number: 64040618
Email: [email protected]

2. What personal data is stored and used?

Personal information covers all information that can be used to identify a person – hereunder, but not limited to, first and family name, age, gender, private address or other fixed address, and email address or other contact information, irrespective of whether these relate to a person’s home or workplace.

In order to be able to do business with you, we need to use certain information. JWOC 2019 therefore collects and uses information about you when you undertake a purchase. For example, we need the following information: name, gender, year of birth, club, race class (maybe with brick number) and email address.

3. Purposes of handling data

JWOC 2019 handles a customer’s personal data for the following purposes:

  • fulfilment of services booked by the customer
  • communication with the customer in connection with booked services
  • research, statistics and analysis to improve JWOC 2019’s system and services
  • handling in connection with any legal claim that might arise or other complaint related to a customer’s order. Use of personal data will be restricted to what is necessary to achieve the particular purpose.

4. Collection of a customer’s personal data

A customer’s personal data will be provided by the customer, and we undertake registration of your personal data with a view to being able to provide the ordered service.

JWOC 2019 does not collect personal information for third parties.

5. Basis for handling customers’ personal data

JWOC 2019’s handling of personal data is undertaken at the customer’s request in order to process the customer’s purchase of goods or services on the JWOC 2019 website, as well as the work of preparing these. In using the website, the customer asks that the information keyed in is used for delivering the services that are ordered.

6. Sharing of customers’ personal data

The keyed-in information may be passed on to volunteer helpers at JWOC 2019 to the extent that is necessary in organising the event.

Personal data is stored on the servers of DigitalOcean in Holland, EU. Some personal data is administered by a third party (data handler), who keeps and uses personal data on behalf of JWOC 2019 according to this data policy and the current laws on the protection of personal data.

JWOC 2019 uses Stripe to handle online payments and does not itself hold payment card information, such as card numbers, bank account numbers and the like. Payment details are used only by the payment service Stripe, which guarantees secure handling of the information.

7. Period of saving data

Personal information is registered by JWOC 2019 and will be kept for up to 1 year after the event, after which it will be deleted. In the case of any dispute, the information will be kept until the dispute is settled, if the date of settlement is later.

8. Security measures

JWOC 2019 ensures that a customer’s personal data is secure through both technical and organisational security measures, in order to protect the customer’s information against unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction/deletion or loss of information.  

9. Customer rights

A customer of JWOC 2019 has the following rights in connection with JWOC 2019’s registered personal data:

  • access to what personal data about the customer is registered by JWOC 2019
  • the right to get corrected any incorrect information about the customer registered by JWOC 2019
  • the right to get information about the customer deleted, when registration is no longer necessary for meeting the objectives listed in Section 3, and when deletion is not prevented by a task or duty that is the responsibility of JWOC 2019 pursuant to Danish or EU laws.
  • the right to have delivered or sent the information the customer has provided to JWOC 2019 in a structured, common and PC-readable format, for instance by email from [email protected].

10. Cookies

In using the website, the user accepts that cookies are applied on his/her computer with the objectives described in the next section.


Cookies are used to register information about the user’s own online session that is relevant for the functionality of These cookies have a lifetime of up to 1 month, unless the user him/herself deletes them from his/her browser. During the user’s session, cookies have the following objectives:

  • identify the user’s purchase basket and the chosen goods
  • identify where the user has got to in the ordering process
  • identify the user’s account, where the user has chosen to set one up.


Cookies are used to identify an online session with statistical objectives. These cookies have a lifetime of up to 2 years, unless the user deletes them from his/her browser. The session has the objective of analysing how the customer uses the website Sessions are handled by the service Google Analytics, and contains data with the objective of identifying which content the website users look for, as well as relevant metadata (hereunder information about links, browser and location). This data is used exclusively by JWOC 2019 to optimise and improve user experience of the website.

11. Changes to Personal Data Policy

The current Personal Data Policy will be regularly adjusted by JWOC 2019 so that it is in accordance with the personal data laws valid at that time.

Summary of updates to this document:

9 April 2019:
Expanded the scope to cover the JWOC 2019 website in general and not only the JWOC Tour 2019.