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Terms of Purchase

Contact information

JWOC Tour 2019 is organised by:
Vestervang 24, 6 mf.
8000 Aarhus C
CVR-number: 64040618
Email: [email protected]

A binding purchase agreement between JWOC Tour 2019 and you as customer is first valid when payment has been registered and received, and you have received a receipt for your order. The purchase agreement is under-written by Danish law’s standard regulations, unless over-ridden by other fixed regulations about consumer protection that apply in the country where you have your permanent address. We will seek to resolve any dispute in a general way, but in extreme circumstances it will be handled by the court in Aarhus.


JWOC Tour 2019 will accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 
Payment will be processed by the approved payment service Stripe, which encrypts all your card details with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your details can’t be read by a third person during a transaction using Stripe.
All prices are in Danish kroner. JWOC Tour 2019 is not registered for Value Added Tax, so the prices do not include any taxes.
Payments are taken from your card when the purchase is registered.

Confirmation of purchase

When payment has been processed, confirmation of the order will be sent to the email address you have provided.


Services ordered will only be available at the event. If booked services are not taken up when the event is being held, it will not be possible to have them delivered.


A purchase can be compared to the purchase of a ticket to a sports event, and a refund will be given only if the event is cancelled. In accordance with the law on consumer agreements, § 18 part 2, no. 12,  purchase of tickets does not affect your right to cancel. This applies also for all extra services as well as an order for a T-shirt.

Complaints and queries

You are asked to address any complaints or queries to [email protected]. If the customer and JWOC Tour 2019 cannot reach an agreement when discussing the matter, it can be taken to the Consumer Complaints Panel or the appropriate Danish court.