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Information for Spectators

The Junior World Orienteering Championships 2019 is being organised by the orienteering clubs OK Pan Aarhus and Silkeborg OK in collaboration with each other.

Denmark is competing with a full team – 6 women and 6 men. The local area is well represented in the men’s team: Andreas Bock Bjørnsen, Mads Møller Skaug and Mikkel Holm Jensen, all from OK Pan.

Athletes up to the age of 21 can take part. There are participants from 41 nations across the whole world. There are 182 men, 162 women entered, together with 89 team leaders. The organisers are hoping that the Danish team can achieve good enough results to win medals. The greatest hopes lie with the women, who have achieved really good results this spring.

If you would like to come as a spectator and experience the atmosphere of a world championships, you are very welcome. The times and places are listed in the table below.
The JWOC Tour is an orienteering competition for other orienteers and for spectators. Here, 579 competitors in age classes from under 10 to over 85 are entered. The numbers of Danish and foreign competitors is almost the same.

It’s also possible to run on a course yourself – in the finish areas you can buy a start number in the time up to the JWOC Tour’s stated start period. There are courses both for experienced orienteers and for beginners.

Date JWOC Tour JWOC 2019 Signs to parking
Saturday 6 July Sprint prologue, 14.15 - 16.15. Silkeborg central square Opening Ceremony, Silkeborg central square, 12.45 - 13.15 No event parking – the town’s car parks should be used.
Sunday 7 July Sprint, 14.15 - 16.15. Lyseng, Aarhus Sprint 10.00 - 13.15. Lyseng, Aarhus. Prize-giving 13.45 Ringvej Syd/Saralyst Allé (N56° 06.480' E010° 11.258') and Ringvej Syd/Oddervej (N56° 06.152' E010° 12.446') and also Oddervej/Lyseng Allé (N56° 06.611' E010° 12.506'). It is about 800 m from parking to finish area.
Monday 8 July Long distance 17.00 - 19.00. Velling - Snabegaard. Mass start for difficult courses Long distance 9.00 - 16.00. Velling - Snabegaard. Prize-giving ca. 16.15 Signs to assembly area from roundabout on Vindingvej (vej 453/Vellingvej) (N56° 01.798' E009° 30.908'). Parking close to finish area. Parking fee 20 DKK.
Tuesday 9 July No competition Rest day  
Wednesday 10 July Middle distance 14.30 - 16.30. Gjern Bakker Middle distance qualification 10.00 - 13.30. Gjern Bakker Roundabout Skærbækvej/Smingevej in Resenbro (N56° 10.950' E009° 38.922') and junction Sørkelvej/Svostrupvej (N56° 13.318' E009° 40.946') and Østergade/Stationsvej (N56° 13.811' E009° 44.321'). Parking close to finish area. Parking fee 20 DKK.
Thursday 11 July Shortened Long distance 14.30 - 16.30. Gjern Bakker Middle distance final 09.00 - 13.15. Gjern Bakker. Prize-giving 13.45 As above
Friday 12 July Middle distance 14.30 - 16.30. Thorsø Bakker Relay 10.00 - 13.30. Thorsø Bakker. Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony 13.30/14.00. Junction Horsensvej (vej 52)/Voldbygårdvej south of Virklund (N56° 07.186' E009° 34.015'), and junction Brandevej/Rustrupvej in Gjessø (N56° 06.965' E009° 29.402') and junction Silkeborgvej/Rustrupvej in Them (N56° 05.716' E009° 32.949'). Parking close to finish area. Parking fee 20 DKK.