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About our Sponsors and Donors

Support our sponsors or donors – they are supporting us, so enabling us to hold this event.

Spar Nord

Spar Nord Fonden

Spar Nord Fonden’s grants are of benefit to a broad range of people. We support projects that benefit the community in the areas of research, club activities and social and cultural objectives.

Over almost 2 decades, Spar Nord Fonden has donated between 20 and 30 million kroner annually to thousands of projects set up by clubs, organisations and dedicated individuals across the whole of Denmark.

Since 2017 Spar Nord Fonden’s grants for the benefit and delight of communities throughout Denmark have risen to some 60 million kroner annually.

The enthusiasm and pleasure of the recipients is not related to the size of the grant. It is more about an idea being realised, and how much that means for the recipients. 

Spar Nord Fonden has given a grant towards covering the expenses of volunteers – for the fellowship that the event hopefully will create between the members of OK Pan and Silkeborg OK.

Racing Denmark


You can try out our running gear in our shops – of course! But we are much more than just a runners’ shop – we have the lightest and most effective gear for all active adventure. Our range consists of specialist equipment that you won’t find in your local sports shop. 

We have left no stone unturned in finding the ultimate products. We have a big range of shoes and have a clear overview of what you should use for trail running, ‘ultra’ events, adventure races and other forest sports. 

We are also gear compulsives … we have several prize-winning products and world records within our weight-optimal equipment. The world’s lightest jackets, trousers, tents, sleeping bags, stoves, freeze-dried food etc. etc. …
Do just come in – and be inspired! We have shops in Silkeborg, Viborg and Aarhus.

Landal Søhøjlandet

Landal Søhøjlandet

Action and relaxation are the headline words for Landal Søhøjlandet.
Landal Søhøjlandet is situated in the middle of Gjern Bakker, surrounded by the forests, hills and lakes around Silkeborg. Here you can completely relax in the lovely countryside, or try the many sporting activities in the area.

  • Water adventure park with fun activities the whole year
  • Mountain-bike and walking routes right from the door
  • New delicious brasserie with food for the whole family
Grafisk Forum

Grafisk Forum

Employ Grafisk Forum with confidence!

Our many years of expertise and our large network of experts means that irrespective of the nature of the graphic task you will have completed – online or off-line – the task is always in the best possible hands.

We help you when we can, we provide answers to your questions, and we always look for creative solutions to enable you to get the results you want with your marketing.

Grafisk Forum is your printer in Horsens, assisting with offset printing, digital printing, exhibition systems, large-format prints and publicity articles. 

We are your printer for both offset and digital printing.



Silkebus is a well-established transport firm with a large number of modern and comfortable coaches, designed and suitable for all types of passenger transport and bus tours. We can undertake bus tours in Denmark and to the whole of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

We can offer traditional bus travel in addition to longer tours around Europe, with both ordinary tourist coaches and our super VIP buses.

Only fantasy sets the boundary for your tour with Silkebus!

Scandic Silkeborg

Scandic Silkeborg

Stay in our hotel surrounded by nature! Here at Scandic Silkeborg we have set out to create hotel experiences that strengthen your appreciation of nature. Visit the hotel’s pool for a break or a warm-up to the day, take the route past our little workshop before you set out into the countryside, and look forward to delicious and nourishing food in our restaurant in the evening. Enjoy a good night’s sleep in our bedrooms – your own bikes and kajaks can be securely stored overnight in our ‘outdoor locker’.



If you are hunting for best-quality running gear and personal and competent advice, whether you are a beginner at running or a seasoned marathon runner, LØBEREN is the correct choice!
We are a modern running equipment shop with a broad selection of running gear. We have 8 shops around the country.

We wish to give our customers the best possible advice about running shoes and equipment. This has been our aim since we opened our first shop in 1996, and we are working the whole time to become better at it. We keep ourselves updated on our products and on the newest knowledge about running and sports injuries, so that we can help you in the best way possible. 

We use our experience to the full in choosing the strongest brands and the best products on the market, so that you avoid a wrong purchase or bad running experiences.  

We are ready to help you – both in our shops and online!

Løberen has shops in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Vejle, Roskilde, Hillerød, Aarhus and Lyngby.

Lynge Papir og Kontor

Lynge Papir og Kontor

Complete solutions for both business and private use.

At Lynge Papir og Kontor we offer good collaboration, effective delivery and professional advice on everything concerning office materials and furniture – all at the right price.

Our selection of goods covers all traditional office and packing materials, leaflets, hygiene and cleaning articles, disposable plates, and writing and paper items. In addition we deal in a broad range of office furniture, audio-visual equipment and different kinds of office machines from small items to bigger professional examples – all of the best possible quality.


Trimtex Danmark

Manufacturers of orienteering clothing for decades; we supply the national team dress to the Danish Orienteering Federation.



Løberministeriet concentrates on selling running clothing, shoes and equipment to orienteers, trail runners and other athletes in a good quality and at the best prices.