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Not long now, and then we are under way!

Submitted by Camilla Bevensee on Fri, 28/6/2019 - 16:23

In just a week and a half, the Junior World Championships in Aarhus and Silkeborg will be under way. It’s really good that so many orienteers have decided to join us for this great orienteering festival in east Jutland.

For the Championships themselves we have teams from 41 nations. There are 433 athletes and team officials entered – 182 men and 162 women athletes plus 89 officials.

The advance entry for the public races (JWOC Tour) is 576, some running all races and others running just on certain days. Overall there are in fact more participants from foreign countries than from Denmark.

Fortunately there is still a chance to be a part of the Tour, even if you have not yet entered. You can easily enter the open classes available each day.

The organisers are working to get the very final things in place, and are looking forward to welcoming everyone in just a few days’ time.