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Long day for long distance – but plenty for spectators to see and do

Submitted by Clive Allen on Mon, 8/7/2019 - 13:25

A fine flat field surrounded by trees is in use today as our arena, giving a really cosy atmosphere but still with loads of space for everyone. Big screen, spectator passage with coaching zone, lively commentary including interviews of leading runners, and a long run-in along the edge of the field to the finish line are all combining together to provide a splendid spectator experience. And later the many spectators will have their own chance to enjoy the forest, with a mass start on Long distance courses for the majority of classes late this afternoon.

The forest is quite fast in the early stages, but becomes rough and hilly with lots of big-scale contour detail. Runners are finishing very tired – but some good times are being posted on the challenging courses. Go Live to find out the latest!