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Note on Results 8 July, Long

Submitted by Morten Pedersen on Mon, 8/7/2019 - 20:00

During the Long Distance competition, the touch-free function of the Russian Veronika Kalinina's SIAC Touch Free card stopped working. As a result she had to hand-punch and her finish time was registered manually by the back-up system. In the provisional results - based on her manual time - she was placed second, 1 second slower than Ida Haapala FIN. Following a protest  from Russia, concerning the precision of the finish time, the Jury (Christine Brown AUS, Kalle Dalin SWE and Szava Zsigmond HUN) decided to adjust Ida Haapala's time to 53:46, the same time as Veronika Kalinina. The decision was based on an analysis of the times recorded by the back-up timing system. The Jury decided that the organisers cannot prove that the time in the manual backup timing system is the same as that in the primary system.

As a result of this outcome, the official result list of W20 and M20 approved by SEA Hannu Pyy is published here. In view of the lateness of the outcome, complaints about these results can be presented at the Event Office until 12.00 on Tuesday 9 July 2019.

Update: At 12.00 on Tuesday 9 July 2019 no complaints were received meaning the results are now final.