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Middle distance: 24 nations in A-finals

Submitted by Clive Allen on Wed, 10/7/2019 - 14:38

There will be athletes from 24 nations in the A-finals tomorrow. Heat winners today include Kasper Fosser, Norway and Aston Key, Australia, champions in Long and Sprint.

Best nation was Sweden with 11 qualifiers, followed by Denmark and Switzerland with 10. Finland and Norway have 9, and the Czech Republic and France 8. At the other end of the scale, Slovakia and Ukraine have 1 qualifying athlete and Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain and USA have 2.

Unluckiest athlete was Dominika Mero, Hungary who missed qualifying by just 1 second. Two Danes missed qualification by less than 10 seconds.

Heat winners (last starters in the A-final)

Women: Fiona Bunn GBR by 0.09, Barbora Chaloupska CZE by 0.47 and Tereza Janosikova CZE by 0.42

Men: Kasper Fosser NOR by 0.39, Aston Key AUS by 0.43 and Søren Thrane Ødum DEN by 1.09